Sharp focus on environmental awareness, cost-effective solutions, and sensitivity to community issues mean our transportation projects go that extra mile! From shared use bike/pedestrian paths to roundabout designs to multiple-lane highway and tollway reconstruction projects, we help clients meet their project goals. Our proactive approach means we routinely seek out funding opportunities for state and federal monies. Our transportation projects comply with state DOT regulations.

Transportation Services Contact

Jason Fluhr, PE
Vice President of Transportation
Claude Cassagnol, PE
Vice President/Region Manager
Denis Hogan, PE
Transportation Business Development Manager

3D Renderings & Video Visualization

Baxter & Woodman’s in-house visualization staff  develops 3D renderings and video visualizations of proposed improvements. These pictures and videos serve as a useful tool for public outreach meetings, and for our clients and stakeholders to visualize abstract and concrete alternatives – Virtually bringing the projects to life!

Our visualization portfolio includes interactive videos showcasing site concerns and project alternatives overlayed on top of drone footage captured by Baxter & Woodman’s certified drone pilots.

Client Comments

I never thought I'd be excited about a bridge -- the workmanship on the bridge is phenomenal.
I am getting a lot of compliments on this project. People, including the Village Manager, really like the lighting, spacing, sidewalk look, trees, etc. and the way the project connects this street section to the downtown.
Director of Engineering