Osceola Neighborhood Improvements

The City of Delray Beach contracted with Baxter & Woodman to improve the roadways and drainage infrastructure within the Osceola Neighborhood including approximately five miles of roads and alleyways within an older established area of the City. The project is located on a coastal ridge characterized with well drained soils. However, development of streets and homes have altered the natural drainage patterns and resulted in several areas of trapped runoff.

Drainage problems were identified by performing a GIS ponding assessment of LiDAR information and by performing hydrologic and hydraulic modeling using Inter-connected Ponding Routing (ICPR4) model. The results compared favorably with residents’ accounts.

The City directed Baxter & Woodman to minimize the use of swales within the project area because of residents’ penchant tend to park along the road. The City also requested that new drainage infrastructure be minimized to save costs. Baxter & Woodman responded by taking advantage of the geology and topography of the area and designed exfiltration systems located in key areas intended to eliminate flooding, provide improved water quality, and restore flow patterns.

The neighborhood included mid-block unpaved alleyways behind the homes. The residents requested improved pedestrian and bicycle pathways via the alleyways. There was a lack of piped drainage systems along the alleyways and therefore permeable concrete pavement was proposed for the alleyways to allow for percolation of the stormwater runoff.

This project was selected for the American Concrete Pavement Association’s 2021 Sustainable Practices Recognition Award, presented for the implementation of sustainable and resilient design and construction practices that considered societal, environmental and economic factors.

Delray Beach, FL
ACPA Sustainable Practices Recognition Award