A recognized leader in the field of wastewater collection and treatment, our expertise focuses on nutrient removal, energy reduction and recovery, and saving money through innovative treatment methods and technologies. From aeration energy analyses to combined heat and power designs, to operations improvements and facility automation — our forward-thinking approaches have saved communities millions of kilowatt hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Our wastewater expertise extends to municipal collection system services, including hydraulic modeling and system expansion planning, capacity assessment, flow monitoring and data analysis, gravity sewer, force main, and pump station design, advanced inspection and condition assessment, sanitary sewer evaluation surveys (SSES), inventory and asset management program development, and regulatory capacity management, operations and maintenance (CMOM) program assistance – all focused on maximizing the performance and extending the service life of our clients’ significant investment in underground collection system infrastructure.

Wastewater Services Contact

Derek Wold, PE, BCEE
Executive Vice President - Water/Wastewater
Dan Bounds, PE
Infrastructure Department Manager
Brent Perz, PE
Vice President - Water
Bill Rackley, PE
Associate Vice President - Wastewater (Texas)

Virtual Reality

Ever wish you could know what your treatment facility would look like BEFORE it was built?

Now you can! Baxter & Woodman uses REVIT to design in 3D and produce plans. REVIT collaborates with state-of-the-art software to turn designs into interactive 3D visual reality models. View life-like project renderings during the design process allowing you to make meaningful decisions and changes before construction.

How does it work?

Virtual tours can be view on your computer screen or Virtual Reality goggles are worn to view the 3D renderings. This gives a “real life” sensation of the image viewed. Reach out and “touch a control panel”, “walk through a treatment plant”, and more…

Client Comments

I just wanted to let you know I appreciate everything Baxter & Woodman did to get the City a $9.0 million dollar loan while not on IEPA intent list. Your team worked through many obstacles but always came out the other side in a positive manner. I want to THANK YOU for leading your projects to the finish line to allow the city to be in the position to get the loan.
City Manager
Thank you for the updated SOQ. This is very well done and filled with impressive projects for local treatment facilities. Keep up the good work. We are happy to have you and your amazing team of people on board with us.
Executive Director