McDonald Road over Otter Creek

The original McDonald Road Bridge was built in 1923, with a clear width of only 24 feet. Pedestrians and bicyclists crossing the bridge were forced to wait for a break in traffic to cross the bridge, and often utilized the steep roadway embankment to access the Mid-County Trail along the east side of Otter Creek. The Village applied for and received federal STP-Bridge funding assistance for the bridge, which was classified as Functionally Obsolete due to its narrow width. Baxter & Woodman provided Phase I and Phase II design and Phase III construction engineering services for the replacement of the single span structure.

The new bridge included a pedestrian underpass, thereby completing the north-south connection of the Mid-County trail in a safe location under the roadway. Stairways were added at the east end of the bridge to connect the bridge directly to the trail.

The new structure consists of an 88-foot single span, precast, prestressed concrete girder bridge, which was only the second use of IDOT’s new PPC-IL beam shapes. A Reinforced Soil Slope (RSS) system was utilized along the east roadway approach, with a pre-vegetated mat covering the RSS (first use of this combination in Illinois). Other improvements included underpass lighting, two multi-use trail routes (at grade and below the new structure), compensatory storage basins, wetland mitigation, roadway improvements, and guardrail improvements. The bridge was also designed for future expansion to a wider cross section to handle increased traffic capacity.

CLICK HERE to view the project progress via drone video.

South Elgin, IL
APWA Project of the Year

ASCE IL Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement