Illinois Department of Transportation Phase II Project Support & Management Services

Baxter & Woodman was selected in 2015 on the first of three consecutive contracts spanning eight years to support IDOT Bureau of Design staff as Program Manager for IDOT Phase II projects and services. This involved working directly with local agencies, consulting firms, utility companies as well as other Bureaus in IDOT.

Our staff performed work similar to an IDOT employee on-site in the District One office. This work included cost estimating, railroad coordination, joint agreement preparation and negotiation, technical support, consultant services engineering management, utility coordination, structural design, administrative services, and field assignments necessary in bringing expeditious completion to projects. Work orders were prepared under a blanket agreement on an as-needed basis.

Tasks included:

  • Functioning as Area Utility Coordinator in an assigned geographic area for coordinating the location, relocation and adjustment of public and private utility facilities, investigation and approving utility permit applications and preparing and negotiating utility reimbursable work agreements to facilitate the completion of District highway construction projects and utility accommodations on the highway rights-of-way.
  • Functioning as District Special Waste coordinator on IDOT projects by QA/QC of investigations and risk assessment and abatement of projects prior to construction. Managing the development of hazardous waste investigations and providing guidance to the District by attending coordination meetings, participating in project field meetings, providing technical training and preparing and distributing Technical Environmental Memoranda.
  • Assisting the Consultant Services Section unit with the supervision and direction of consultants for the Bureau of Design to ensure plans for highway improvements were designed in accordance with departmental policies, specifications, procedures and accepted engineering principles.
  • Providing preliminary and final design cost estimates for District highway and bridge improvements projects. Coordinate with Bureau of Construction on the review and approval of agreed unit prices and contract change orders.
  • Program development, exhibit preparation and construction supervision activities concerning railroad relocations, grade separation and grade crossing rehabilitations for District highway and Office of Intermodal Project Implementation programs.
  • Performing administration duties functioning with the framework of organizational policies of the District policies and programs. Performs a variety of technical functions and develops and recommends anew and review policies and procedures.
  • Assisting the Structural Services Unit with Phase II services including supervision and direction of consultants to ensure plans for structural improvements were designed in accordance with departmental policies, specifications, procedures and accepted engineering principles.
  • Assisting the Agreement unit with the coordination of Intergovernmental Agreements with Municipalities, Counties and other State Agencies.
IDOT District One
Evaluation Comments
“Baxter & Woodman complied with all departmental manuals, policies and procedures; the presentation of material was clear, concise and of high quality. Baxter & Woodman took the lead in advancing the work and addressing problems and concerns; staff spent time to understand and manage problems effectively.”