CTH DM & Clinton Road Reconstruction

Baxter & Woodman provided design and construction engineering services for the reconstruction of CTH DM and Clinton Road in the Village of Windsor in the Morrisonville area. Morrisonville is a small neighborhood vulnerable to flooding from the Yahara River during heavy rain events. The project included the evaluation of existing drainage conditions within the project limits and outlying contributors to the flooding problem. The project involved upgrading the substandard geometric and stormwater management facilities. The design included a combination of rural and urban design elements, storm sewer and stormwater management upgrades, utility coordination, public involvement, environmental coordination, final design, development of bid documents and coordination with multi-jurisdictional agencies.

Baxter & Woodman used a combination of Urban and Rural design elements that included upgrading substandard ditching, storm sewer, resized culverts and new drainage swales to convey the water more efficiently to the Yahara River. Since completion, there have been zero reports of basement flooding during any large rain event.

The long-term viability of the Morrisonville area relied on a significant reduction in flooding issues, in addition to providing critical infrastructure updates. Baxter & Woodman provided innovative solutions to the area’s affected areas, allowing for improvements across many facets of the City. The project enhanced the walkability of the area, created a long-lasting pavement structure, and much-needed upgrades to the water and sanitary systems. These crucial developments were made all while staying within the Village’s budget requirements.

Windsor, WI
ACEC-WI Engineering Excellence Award