Award Winning Water System Improvements

The City of Waukegan retained the Baxter & Woodman Boller Design-Build team to complete a $6.0 million upgrade at its 30 mgd Lake Michigan surface water treatment plant, including

  • Complete reconstruction of gravity filters
  • Complete replacement of the following chemical treatment equipment
  • Two new backwash reclaim pumps and appurtenances with controls
  • Two new sludge pumps, valves, valve actuators, piping and flow meter with  controls
  • Repairs to sludge thickener equipment in Sludge Storage Tank
  • HVAC improvements in Raw Water Pump Station
  • New Chlorine residual analyzers added at three existing booster pumping stations
  • Replacement of five 24-inch gate valves and five 30-inch gate valves with new butterfly valves and electric valve actuators
Waukegan, IL
2020 Great Lakes Construction Association Award for Project Excellence (APEX) - Utility Category