Unified Development Code Update

Baxter & Woodman is updating the Unified Development Code to resolve discrepancies and promote greater clarity. Not only has the development community provided feedback that the code’s intentions are unclear, but there are conflicts throughout the chapters, and the rules are vague or too cumbersome to use the code outright to approve a development. As a result, 13 development agreements, eight municipal utility districts, and various utility districts were created within the city limits or extraterritorial areas that have yet to rely on the Code.

An ad hoc task force was created to address the complexities and inconsistencies between the Comprehensive Plan and Unified Development Code. Challenges include reconciling the number of zoning and sub-zoning districts within the five square mile city; inconsistency in the allowable land uses listed for some zoning districts; dimensional conflicts between building setbacks and buffering requirements; an interest in providing special provisions to develop smaller residential lots within the community; and, a desire to widen the future roadways as the city grows. The task force and representatives from the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Economic Development Corporation, city residents, engineers, and planners representing the development community provided feedback, as each chapter was investigated in detail and modified by the Baxter & Woodman team to address the specific community’s needs.

Baxter & Woodman has successfully worked towards unifying these elements, eliminating ambiguity, and providing a coherent development framework to support Magnolia’s desire to develop quality communities with clear rules and regulations for all parties. Efforts to streamline the zoning districts, subdistricts, overlays, and planned developments, have resulted in consistent definitions and terms for developments throughout the City. This comprehensive approach has significantly reduced the number of zoning districts, promoting better organization, and understanding for residents and developers.

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