Rolling Meadows Pond Retrofit

The City of Rolling Meadows hired Baxter & Woodman Natural Resources to convert a grass detention basin that was in poor condition.  Invasive weeds had taken over the basin, side slopes with erosion control issues existed and the bottom of the basin did not drain toward the outlet structure. There was also a drain pipe that was draining into this basin that needed to be opened up for proper drainage.

The City’s goal was to clean the basin and convert the grass detention basin into a native detention basin. The goal of including native vegetation is finding vegetation that can handle the fluctuation of different rain events. The native vegetation will have color throughout the spring to fall months with less maintenance involved for the City crews.

Baxter & Woodman Natural Resources provided Rolling Meadows with a design showing the erosion control details, seed mixtures, and overall site plan. As a design-build, Baxter & Woodman Natural Resources communicated with the contractor to relay the ultimate goals for construction and kept in contact during the entire process. Since Baxter & Woodman Natural Resources was also completing the seeding, blanketing, and maintenance, we coordinated with the contractor on the City’s vision, ensuring the project was completed efficiently and under budget.

Rolling Meadows, IL