Park District Bridge Inspections

Baxter & Woodman provides ongoing bridge inspection services for various structures through the Park District. The inspection includes a maintenance inspection to evaluate the existing conditions, and preparation of a letter report with maintenance and repair recommendations.

The structures Baxter & Woodman has inspected includes:

  • Steel truss bridge over the Fox River
  • Steel Girder Bridge over River Street
  • Steel Truss/Arch Bridge over Orchard Road
  • Single-Span Cable Suspension Bridge over Blackberry Creek, and more

Drone technology was used to complete a visual inspection of truss structure, maintained by the Fox Valley Park District. Top chords had not been inspected in recent memory, and the drone camera identified cover plates that had buckled due to pack rust.

Our drone flight captured this photo of a bent connection plate along the top truss chord.

Fox Valley Park District, IL