No Name Key UAS Bridge Inspection

No Name Key is an island community located in the lower Keys that connects to Big Pine Key by a concrete bridge. The residents (total of 45 houses) were served by septic tanks. Commercial electric power was extended to No Name Key. The residents that were not hooked up to commercial electric power used a combination of solar energy and diesel or gas generators.
The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority asked Baxter & Woodman to provide CEI services, which included verification inspection of 2,000 feet of 2-inch stainless steel force main pipe installation. Due to the pipe’s unaccessible location under the bridge deck, a Drone inspection needed to be utilized. The Drone video and photographs identified several locations that were deficient and needed to be corrected by the Contractor. Baxter & Woodman provided two Drone Flight inspections to verify the corrective work done by the Contractor was completed satisfactorily.
Watch drone video of bridge piping inspection, part 2:

No Name Key, FL