Maple Avenue Relief Sewer

The Maple Avenue drainage improvements involved the installation of a relief sewer through the Village connecting to MWRDGC’s Deep Tunnel system. The 60” RCP pipe that was installed along the approximate center of the Maple Avenue pavement, with junction chambers installed at all intersections for connection of combined and storm sewers along the side streets. The junction chambers also include overflow weirs and restricted outlets to limit the amount of wet weather flow flowing to downstream combined sewers. New storm sewers, inlets, catch basins, and manholes were installed and connected to the new relief sewer.

During preliminary design soil borings indicated the depth of bedrock along Maple Avenue ranging from 4 to 15 feet below the street surface, making the installation of such a large sewer challenging. An estimated 5,000 cubic yards of rock was excavated during construction, which also included complete road reconstruction.

As part of the Maple avenue relief sewer project

  • 60-inch new relief storm sewer installation
  • Combined sewer separation
  • Sanitary sewer replacement with 8-inch PVC pipe
  • Total road reconstruction
  • Water main and service replacement
  • Natural gas main replacement
  • ADA Compliant sidewalks
  • Landscaping
  • Utility Modifications
La Grange, IL