Booster Pumping Station 115 Upgrade

Madison Water Utility hired Baxter & Woodman to design and observe construction on an upgrade to their existing Booster Pumping Station (BPS) 115 and 3 MG reservoir to allow the facility to operate as a “two-zone” pumping station, with continued service to their existing low pressure zone.  The proposed BPS 115 modifications (along with a separate watermain project by the Utility) provide for increased system pressures nearby the existing pumping stations and provides for a second watermain connection to a new hospital and large commercial area on Madison’s northeast side.  Major upgrades to BPS 115 include:

  • Replacement of an existing 1,400 gpm low zone booster pump (installed in 1966) to a 2,100 gpm high zone booster pump.
  • Addition of a fourth 2,100 gpm high zone booster pump for redundant fire flow to the new hospital and expanding commercial area.
  • Addition of an exterior emergency backup generator for the facility with fencing.
  • Replacement of the existing Motor Control Center and SCADA system.
  • An evaluation of extensive off-site and on-site water mains to provide desired and economical “two zone” pumping improvements.
Madison Water Utility, WI