Kildeer Creek Restoration

The project consisted of clearing, grading, and reshaping 2,000 linear feet of shoreline of Kildeer Creek in Lake Zurich. This included stone armoring of the shoreline, placement of erosion control blanket, installation of temporary erosion control devices during construction, and natively seeding the creek corridor.
Part of this project included re-direction of the creek and moving it north 40’. This created a gentler slope to the creek and then using gabion baskets with armament to stabilize the outside bank for high flowing conditions.
This project took three and half month’s working within the creek corridor and diverting the water around the construction area when needed. The phasing was coordinated so that the only areas unprotected was areas that were being graded and then immediately protect with seed and erosion control blanket. This project was coordinated to do restoration within 300 foot sections moving down the corridor.

Lake Zurich, IL