IEPA Lead Service Line Inventory Funding 

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) is now accepting applications for grant funding to create a complete Lead Service Line Inventory. The program is intended to ease the financial burden on rural, low-income, and disadvantaged communities for preparing a Lead Service Line Inventory.

The initial Lead Service Line Inventories are due to IEPA by April 15, 2023, and the final inventories are due by April 15, 2024. Inventories will be used to create a plan for replacing lead service lines and eliminating the risk of lead in the drinking water system. 

Grant amounts will range from $20,000 to $50,000 based on the applicant’s total number of service connections. Funding applications are due by noon on December 2, 2022. 

Who Can Apply?

Applicants must have a Median Household Income (MHI) less than the state average MHI and must pre-qualify through the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) grantee portal (

Applications may score additional points for: 

  • Location in environmental justice area(s)
  • Percent of population under the age of 6
  • Percent of homes built prior to 1990

What Can be Funded?

Tasks that may be eligible for grant funds include:  

  • Public Education and Notification Content
  • Resident Water Service Material Information Survey
  • Door-to-Door Canvassing or In-Home Inspections
  • Potholing
  • Water Service Line GIS Database Creation

Funds are for preparing a complete Lead Service Line Inventory, not for construction. 

Baxter & Woodman can help determine your eligibility, prepare the application, navigate the process of receiving funds, and develop your lead service line replacement program. 

Elisa Bonkowski at or
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