Restoration Ecologist Conducting Stream Assessment

Ecological Assessments, Designs and Permitting Services

Baxter & Woodman Natural Resources’ Restoration Ecologists use their knowledge of native ecosystems to assess, design, and permit a wide variety of ecological restoration projects including natural stream restoration, native area restoration, and wetland mitigation. Our designs provide solid solutions that strike a balance between human use, cost efficiencies, and ecological sustainability. Baxter & Woodman also has a unique combination of in-house staff bringing together ecology, water resource engineering, and GIS mapping. Ultimately, our ecological designs are innovative easy for contractors to interpret and construct, and most importantly, exceed client expectations and meet regulator/permitting objectives.

Baxter & Woodman Natural Resources performs assessments and ecological design plans using a proven method:

  1. Inventory and map existing ecological resources and describe their current condition.
  2. Describe the site’s history and map it where possible using old aerial photographs and original land survey notes and maps.
  3. Understand how the original ecosystem worked then develop target restoration goals.
  4. Develop an ecological restoration design plan with mapping, schedule, methods, and costs.
  5. Design a monitoring and stewardship program to evaluate and maintain the success of the restoration over time.
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