City Planning Services

Since August 2022, Baxter & Woodman has served the City of Magnolia as their City Planner. Our staff oversees planning matters and processes on behalf of the City of Magnolia for new developments within the City limits and its extraterritorial jurisdiction. They are charged with enforcing the intentions of the Comprehensive Plan through the future land use map, zoning requirements, interpretation of the code of ordinances, Unified Development Code, and various development agreements, utility agreements, and planned developments approved by the City Council.

Baxter & Woodman’s Community Planning Division works closely with the Planning and Zoning Commission, City Engineer, and Montgomery County Engineering Department to approve residential and non-residential plats and site plans, and coordinates the requirements of the plan set approval for all water, wastewater, roadway, and drainage improvements for the City of Magnolia before the plans are sent to the building official for review and approval.

Baxter & Woodman has worked with the City of Magnolia to expedite development reviews through pre-development meetings with applicants, internal coordination with the City of Magnolia and Baxter & Woodman staff, and by establishing effective relationships with the development community that has an interest in building in the City. During the temporary development moratorium, Baxter & Woodman took on the crucial role of acting as the liaison between developers, our staff, and the City of Magnolia staff. Our objective was to create an atmosphere of trust and respect while informing developers that development activities could not proceed due to a water shortage in the community until additional water facilities were online.

Magnolia, TX
Residential and Non-Residential Code Compliance

Residential and Non-Residential Plats and Site Plan Reviews

Comprehensive Plan Enforcement

Unified Development Code Enforcement

Planning Department Oversight

Coordination with Engineering

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