Big Pine Shores Subdivision Roadway and Drainage Improvements

Monroe County selected Baxter & Woodman to perform a roadway and drainage analysis of Big Pine Shores Subdivision in Big Pine Key of the Florida Keys to determine if and where roads need to be replaced and/or raised and where drainage improvements are needed.  The existing road elevations range from less than 1.0 feet, NAVD to over 5.0 feet, NAVD.  There are existing wetlands or protected upland habitat throughout most of the undeveloped portions of the subdivision that extend into the rights-of-ways.  The criteria as established by Monroe County for this area prescribed that roads should be designed for a Level of Service (LOS) based on a 5-year, 1-day storm event and that road crown elevations should be no lower than the County’s minimum standards established in response to future Sea Level Rise (SLR).

Pavement cores were analyzed to assess where roads should be milled and overlaid or reconstructed.  A regional drainage model was created using ICPR4 to assess the drainage of onsite and offsite area and to establish minimum road crown elevations to meet the County’s LOS and SLR requirements.  Areas where the roads needed to be raised were identified and additional improvements were recommended to improve water quality and to reduce flooding by restoring historical flows while avoiding environmentally sensitive areas.

Construction drawings are currently being developed and the project is anticipated to be constructed in the Fall of 2020.

Big Pine Key, FL